Director of Production, Argyle NY

Adirondack Studios is seeking a Director of Production at our Argyle, New York location. 

  1. Primary obligation: Provide leadership to all production related operations
  2. Reports directly to: Vice President of Production
  3. Oversees: All production related operations
  4. Collaborative Responsibility: To work with executives, directors, project managers, and salesman to maintain the production facility in Argyle, NY at full capacity and to advise and provide solutions for work that exceeds that capacity.
  5. Regular tasks, including, but not limited to:
    • Keep the production departments running at capacity.
    • Organize and conduct weekly production meetings with departmental foremen to assess and report on the financial health of production jobs.
    • In conjunction with Subcontract Manager, identify and vet vendors to perform turnkey projects when necessary due to capacity issues or a need to augment services.
    • Assist sales in the qualification and estimation of work that could be performed by the shop.
    • In conjunction with designers, review drawings and advise on ways to simplify and improve designs to reduce costs and speed up production.
    • In conjunction with production manager and departmental foremen, assess and rebalance work between departments to manage capacity.
    • Advise designers, salesmen, and technicians on the best means and methods to achieve the desired product.
    • Advise designers, project managers, and installers on best methods for installing shop built products.
    • Assist the Vice President of Production in improving and expanding the capabilities of the shops as well as developing annual production budgets to meet those goals.

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